To prepare for the upcoming rollout of the City's new CompassKC development permitting software, we are now accepting contact information to use for loading the new system. We strongly encourage all potential users to provide this information so that your initial use of CompassKC will be streamlined during the registration process. This is a one-time collection of information.

NOTE THAT IF AN INDIVIDUAL WISHES TO REGISTER AS MULTIPLE ROLES, A DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS MUST BE USED FOR EACH CONTACT REGISTRATION. For example, use a company email address for an Employee Contact and a personal email address for a Resident Contact.

Please provide your contact information based on the following categories:

Company Contact - Each company or business will have one Company Contact. This contact may or may not actually submit applications in his/her name, but will serve as the primary contact of record for the company. For example, the Company Contact would be the owner or president of a company; or a person responsible for company business done with the City. For a business consisting of a single person, the Company Contact would be the only contact registration needed. The Company Contact are used to create Business Records in our system, which may apply for a licenses granted to the business (e.g. Company's Contractor License, Liquor License by the Drink or Package, Catered Event License, Tire Dealer License, Short Term Loan License, etc.).

Employee Contact - These are employees or representatives of the Company. Each Employee Contact will be tied to the Company Contact in the system. For example, a construction company may have several project managers that will obtain construction permits on behalf of the company - each project manager would register as an Employee Contact for that company. It is important that all Employee Contacts register USING THE EXACT SAME COMPANY NAME as it appears on the Company Contact for the Company Name.

Resident, Citizen, or Individual Contact - These are residents, citizens or individuals that wish to use City services as private citizens. For example, a homeowner would register as a Resident Contact. Resident Contacts are not affiliated with a company or business. These contacts are also used in applying for licenses granted to an individual (e.g. Master Plumber Certification, Electrical Supervisor, Heating and Ventilating Supervisor, Special Inspectors, etc.) or applying for Sidewalk, Driveway or Curb repair permits and other permits that do not require a licensed contractor or certified individual.

Guest User - Anyone can view information in the system as a Guest - no contact registration is required for view-only access as a Guest User. However, contact registration is required to submit an application for a service such as a permit application, to receive notifications from the system, etc.

Please select the type of contact you wish to enter and click "Go"